Friday, March 14, 2014

Clean and simple day 3 take 2

Good morning.
I managed to make another card yesterday for day 3 of the clean and simple online card class, but I was not able to photograph it before the sun went down, so I did it this morning.

The topic of the day was 'optical illusion' and Jennifer showed a few masking techniques that inspired this card.

Firstly, can I jut say how much I LOVE this stamp set.  I fell in love with it the second Nichole Heady sneak peaked it.  Unfortunately for me, I was not able to place a full order on release night so I resigned myself to admiring it from afar. Until a very sweet lady on the PTI forum offered to add it to her order and mail it to me.  The dies were sold out, so I still have to get that, but I am one happy camper for the time being.  Now onto the card  ;)

The moment I saw this set, I just knew it had to be colored.  I digressed from the examples Jennifer showed us in that she had a a lot more white space. So at first I thought I would mask off a border along the outside edge of the card.  But these flowers are quite big and I really wanted to show them in all of their glory.   I opted to go all the way. 

I started off by embossing the smallest rectangle in the Lil inkers stitched mats die set to create a frame for my sentiment.  I just adore these stitched mats, they add such a fun extra kick to a card.  Next I masked that section off with some post it tape and went to town stamping all those pretty flowers in Momento tuxedo black ink.  I then spent an insane amount of time coloring in the flowers with copic markers.  I took great care to use lots of shades and highlights to add the optical illusion of depth and height. I used a white gel pen for the dots. I wanted these flowers to sing! When I was done with all the coloring I took a very light grey marker and outlined the flowers for even more dimension. So, it all looked great! (IMHO) ;) but I decided to add some distress ink in scattered straw to the outside of the panel. Lastly I embossed the stitched lines on the outside edges to tie it to the sentiment panel and finish it off.

I cannot tell you how much FUN I had making this card.  I know for a lot of people spending this much time on a card seems like too much of an effort for one card, but for me, it is like therapy. To just sit and get lost in my thoughts for that time is like taking a mental vacation. One that is often desperately needed around these parts ;)) 

Lastly, I know this does not fit the whole 'clean and simple' category... but it is one layer and it does have the 'optical illusion' thing, no? ;) 

So I hope my card does not digress too much from the path, and I hope you enjoyed your visit today.

I'm off to attend to some tedious housework, and hopefully I will earn some time to play with today's lessons  later.
Have a great day friends.


  1. Oh my heavens, your coloring is amazing! I love your card! This set is one of my very favorites! :)

  2. This is a wonderful card. The time you spent coloring paid off!

  3. Gorgeous card - your coloring is so nicely done!

  4. Replies
    1. Your card and coloring are gorgeous! Time well spent. :) There is no way I would ever be able to give this card away - it should be framed! :)

  5. Lovely card... This stamp set is pretty amazing!! So is your colouring!!

  6. A labor of love, and it shows, so it doesn't matter how much time it took. This card is more GAB than CAS; GAB = Gorgeous and Breathtaking! I believe you've convinced me I need this set after all.

  7. This is jaw droppingly incredible Natasha! Thanks for the inspiration, it's pinned!

  8. Amazing coloring, I love this stamp set, I can't stop using it!

  9. You have done an AMAZING job on this card and I might say all the other cards you have done I picked out as favorites as well. I too am in the class and am LOVING it. I wish it didn't have to end. If it makes you feel any better--I spend a minimum of 4hrs usually per card and many far beyond that. I make my card especially for you as I envision you and think matches who you are, so mostly they are one of a kind cards and definately not made in mass productions. So the hours spent I guess are just my gratitude to you as my friend and an expression of my love. Happy stamping

  10. Good Golly!! This card is stunning, amazing, colorful, beautiful and gorgeous! I think you should just frame it and keep it in your crafty space!! :)

  11. This is simply amazing. I am studying and studying it--your coloring was well worth your time. And, except for this month because I'll be traveling on spring break, I pretty much order PTI every month, and I"m always happy to add anything you need to any order. Just drop me an email at joyce dot mehrberg at gmail dot com anytime--as late as 15 minutes before the release goes live. Nobody should have to go without PTI (lol)

  12. Natasha this is simply gorgeous, your colouring is so amazing! I don't have this set yet, on my wish list. We need to talk PTI before it goes live, we can combine our order if necessary and then meet! Sounds good right? Your style is awesome, you need to do this more often! ;)

  13. This is stunning! It must have taken forever, but it's definitely worth it!

  14. Just browsing around the PTI forum and stumbled upon this beauty. I have no idea if you will even see this comment, but I would not feel right if I did not tell you how stunning I find your card. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I just managed to get this set through a lady on SCS and cant wait to ink it up. I have wanted it forever and it just all fell into place. Your card is so so beautiful and inspirational I can but hope to ge it the same love you have. Love your colouring style. So much beauty


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